Life is synonym of problems

Hola ^^ Info: Big Dreams. Portuguese. Gay and proud but that's not too hard to tell. Love reading books, watch movies, listen music ( from Beyoncé to Paramore,CHVRCHES too, I'm not a little monster or anything near) and the list goes on. My life it's like every another human life it has ups and downs but, well.. I quite like it. :)
Btw, I am David. I'm a teen BUT not soo dumb as SOME are.
P.S: Sorry for english it's not perfect but it is the best that I can do.
If you want you can say anything, I can speak two languages (English and Portuguese) and understand three main languages (English, Portuguese and Spanish and some French).
I'M NOT OWNER OF SOME OF THIS PICS! Because some of the pics are mine.
This ain't porn or erotic blog, this is Art.
Sometimes NSFW
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